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We helped independent cosmetic nurse Hayley get the funding she needed to fund a new international business venture

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Hayley Katsis is an independent nurse specialising in medical aesthetics and podiatry. She has been a registered nurse since 1985, an HCPC podiatrist since 1996, and is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.

For the last 5 years, Hayley has assisted cosmetic surgeons with procedures including hair transplants, botox, and facelifts, operating at the Wimpole Clinic in Marylebone as well as providing a variety of podiatry treatments at The Purity Centre in Kent.

She wanted to fund a new business venture involving international cooperation with a surgeon based in Paris, providing aftercare for his patients in London after their procedures. As a highly experienced medical professional, she knew that obtaining the right insurance was an essential part of the plan, and they couldn’t go ahead without it.

The insurance cost for this project was high, and Hayley decided the best course of action would be to finance the insurance cover, which could be recouped once the project got off the ground and generated revenue from patients. The first step was to apply at the bank for a loan.

Unfortunately, after a few days of deliberation, the bank informed Hayley that they couldn’t offer her funding for this purpose because her unusual situation was outside their criteria — however, through the Bank Referral Scheme, they could refer her to another organisation that may be able to help.

Hayley was referred to Funding Options, and after our initial conversation it was clear that her plans were a good fit for RateSetter. They offer Director's loans, which are an ideal solution for applications that don’t involve limited companies where the director has a strong personal credit rating.

Now Hayley can go ahead with the project, safe in the knowledge that she’s backed by the appropriate level of insurance.

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“I didn’t know what to do when the bank told me they wouldn’t consider my loan application. They referred me to Funding Options, who assisted me to the right loan for me, and it was all speedily and smoothly executed. Now I can pursue a new business opportunity and add another string to my bow, which wouldn’t have been possible without this funding. Funding Options is a hidden gem!”

— Hayley Katsis, The Purity Centre

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